You are fab at what you do.

You have fantastic knowledge and skills that the people you help are consistently delighted with your work. Thing is, you're not growing as fast as you thought you would. Your not getting the number of new clients you really need, and you're struggling to get where you want to be each month. 

I hear you.

Hi, I'm Gary Thompson.

I'm a Business Consultant and Sales coach that helps small business owners get momentum on building what inspires them, by mastering their sales conversations and mindset.

I support motivated, smart, freelance coaches and consultants, as they work towards both their growth and income goals for their businesses.

It's no secret that mastering sales conversations is one of the top skills needed for a successful business. It's the key to effectively increasing the number and quality of clients, reaching your income objectives, and hgiving you the freedom to choose the path that come with a successful business.

My Story.

From the age of 7, I spent 10 years looking for a solution to the stammer I had a youngster, eventually finding a way myself at 17.

The search triggered a fascination with all facets of communication, leading  me into sales at the age of 19. 

After successfully selling IT and professional services for 10 years, I started to get burned out. Frustrated with the lack of care for clients, frustrated with company politics, frustrated with the constantly chasing my tail.

After costing me my marriage, I knew I had to take a different direction. I had to find a way to make money and start again, in a way that made sense to me. It didn't immediately strike me I could take what I knew and actually turn that into a business helping others - sales coaching!

It was always my favorite part of the work. working closely with other salespeople to help solve problems and spark new ideas. I have a knack of being able to make people feel comfortable opening up to what problems they're really looking to solve, and how best to approach fixing them. 

At last!

I started my business with the vision of changing the image and perception around 'sales' and self promotion, especially for people transitioning out of the corporate world to starting on their own. I put together my love of coaching and supporting independent business owners, to master your confidence and sales skills so you can bring more clients into your business (who actually become your extended family...).

I love helping people see that selling isn't the bad thing they think. To see the realisation of it's true purpose, as to how it helps both them and their clients is truly satisfying.

Selling is serving. Selling is supporting.

Selling is about you helping a perfectly matched client get to where they want be - with you as the catalyst.

Are you ready to get better at selling? do you want the rock solid confidence it brings?

Let's talk.