About Me

From a young age we moved house a lot.

Every 18-24 months would be a new house and a new school.  learning to adapt to new situations and making new friends was exciting, but difficult as a youngster with a stammer.

I loved learning but disliked school. I often had my head buried in encyclopedias, doing chemistry experiments in the kitchen, adapting model planes and ships to fly or float (or more often crash and sink) and come up with new and novel ways of adapting our lawnmowers, bicycles, animal feeding equipment for alternative uses, but most of all I was fascinated by people.

My stammer taught me to say little and watch a lot.

As my dislike for authority and School grew, so did my desire to find a way to fix my stammer. At 17, with no help or therapy available I spent 15 months forcing myself to fix it. My teenage 'fuck you' to the world. And I did it.

I thought it would change everything.

I could speak clearly for the first time. It opened up a whole new world that would now listen to me when I spoke, or so I thought. It was painful to find out it wasn't my stammer that caused people to ignore me, they just didn't want to listen in the first place.

This realisation drove me into fascination with human psychology and communication. I got into sales. I did well. I went on to study verbal and non-verbal communication, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Public speaking, Influence, Persuasion, Business, Science, History and Technology.

I moved into management.

I found myself working for 1 of the big 5 global consulting firms. I thought being open and creative was sought after here, and would give me a fantastic opportunity to shine. However, overt honesty and arguing for the clients' best interest was not universally appreciated, so I quickly found myself sidelined and ignored once again.

It was time to go out on my own and do things differently.

So now, I work in a space where my clients can breathe, learn and be themselves. Where they take the adventurous path to the insights and realisations to make truly profound changes in their lives.

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