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Why I Started My Own Business

Why I Started My Own Business

Good morning and welcome to going live 365.

It’s a new experiment that I’m starting after talking to a number of people, they were talking about doing Facebook Lives. And were a little bit reticent in getting involved in doing them because they ran out of subjects really quickly and what they were going to talk about.

So what I decided to do was setting up a channel here and a group and I’m going to come on, or I’m planning to come on over the next 365 days. Talking about a different subject related to both business and personal and just to get that the confidence up on actually doing lives and also give a subject or share a subject or subject, share a subject that please You know, if you to take it away and use it yourself then it gives you some stuff to actually use and some ideas to take forward and use for your own stuff to talk about.

So I’m, this morning going to talk aboutwhy I started my own business.

And in in simple terms, I had been working in a number of sales positions, and was working for a large corporates, and over a period of about 12 months working in a large sales team. I put forward a number of ideas to actually improve the way that sales we’re working the process that we were doing and we can find more clients etc, etc. And one day, our boss said that they were having some consultants come in. So they came in the consultants basically polled everybody that was in involved in that department. They Took her ideas and like presented them back to management. And nothing was really heard for a few weeks. And then interestingly, the very ideas that we had all pulled together and we had been trying to push through to management were handed back to us, as the consultant companies ideas, after talking to us on ways to improve on what we’re doing, and so our own ideas were given back to us and we were told to implement them in half the time that we said that we could do it

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So after much gnashing of teeth and the usual, not happy about that situation, we cracked down with it anyway. And about six months later, we had another set of consultants come in and looking at time and motion studies effort profitability, and again, we got polled taken away nothing for two or three weeks, and then our Ideas are sent back to us. And again, asked to implement in half the time that we thought was realistic. Now, this fundamentally ended up happening three times a year. And after that happened for the third time, I sat back and thought these guys are getting paid five times as much as we are. They’re not actually coming up with any ideas of their own. They’re just reflecting our thoughts and ideas from inside the organisation and presenting them back to management. And the management seem to be taking their ideas because they’re paying for them as an external consultancy. And, and then and then impact to us again, which was an interesting approach. But thinking about it, I then understood why because of the way that the corporate environments worked, by taking these ideas from an external consultancy, if They went well, the director of our particular area could take the credit for coming up with ideas and and bringing on the external consultancy, to help come up with some new strategies and new approaches. And on the flip side, if they didn’t go well, and it didn’t work, they could blame the consultancy and say we’ll never use them again. And believe me, that does happen. And it happened on numerous occasions that I’ve seen and been involved in anyway, that was the catalyst for me, like I mentioned earlier on to say, Well, hold on, these guys are getting paid in five times as much as we are to be consultants to tell our management what we as the employees at the time, were telling them what the best way to to help move the company forward and we thought said this for game soldiers. I’m gonna go out and be a consultant and not only hold the people that are involved in the organisation, but when they’re presented back, present back the ideas as well. That the people that they’ve come from, and credit them with those ideas and the implementations and the way of actually getting some movement and getting those things happen. So that it was a two pronged approach rather than just the the guerrilla tactic of running, take a bunch of money sawed off and just leave a presentation document was going and actually genuinely help and work out whether those ideas are implementable or not. And make that part of the consulting package rather than just actually the the straightforward approach of here’s my ideas, here’s some documentation and we’re off and

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That’s what I did.

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I literally woke up one morning

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and said, Sunday through game soldiers, I’m going to go out on my own. Now, obviously, the drives and the reasons behind wanting to do it at the time was I wanted to earn more money. And I wanted to have more time freedom, as well, but also to, to have ideas and inputs into organisations and businesses, that people would actually take on board and use. Because it seemed pretty pointless to me. Just doing the, the, here’s the ideas. Here’s what you get paid for. And that’s the end of it. If there’s no follow on if there’s no implementation, and no result at the end of it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m aware that I can’t control that directly on the client because of a number of many different things. The they may or may not decide to do with ideas and consulting inputs. But from my perspective, I had a vested interest to ensure that what I said we could do was doable, and I could help to do it. So that was the initial reason for me moving from from being an employee to actually starting up on my own was I wanted to do things differently and better and earn a lot more money at the time. And it was a an interesting move.

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And very scary.

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But that was over 20 years ago. I’m still enjoying running my own business and working for myself. And this was just a very quick intro this morning. into a subject, which was why I started my own business. So in nutshell, I’ve just gone through that. And if it’s something that resonates from, from what I’ve said, and one of the reasons that you’ve looked at starting your own business, please just drop a comment or a note below with a few things about why you started your own business. And if it’s a subject that you like to use as well on doing live streaming, then by all means, please take it. It’s a good one. I think it’s important to know and the next one I’m going to do because this is just a brief intro one. The next one I’m going to do is the story of what happened on the first day of my first piece of consultancy work, which was it’s, it’s a funny story, but I’ll save that for the time being until tomorrow. I just want to say thanks for joining. Lovely to have you around. I’ll speak to you soon and don’t forget to leave your comments below. Speak to you later. Bye for now.

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